Learn WordPress – I offer courses and tutoring

Want to learn WordPress?

I offer instruction in WordPress, either online or in person. Get started with this powerful, flexible program and learn to build your own websites, install WordPress on your computer or on a hosting service, and customize your site!


In addition to these courses, I offer individual tutoring that is specific to your needs.

Interested? Let me know what you’d like to learn.

  • Introduction to WordPress, Part 1: Content Creation – creating and formatting web pages and blog posts
    • Learn how to create and format the content for your website! Write posts and pages, add photos or videos, and use the built-in formatting tools. Change the way your Dashboard looks, configure the commenting on your blog (if you want comments at all) and learn about page templates. (No code knowledge required!)
  • Introduction to WordPress, Part 2: Configuration and Administration – managing and configuring your site; themes, plugins and menus.
    • Configure your site – create your own menus, use themes, select and install plugins (small ‘apps’ that give you extra functionality) and customize your header and background. Make your page and post URLs more SEO-friendly. Learn how to use widgets and change your sidebar content. Create and configure users. Make your site open on a home page or on your blog. (No code knowledge required!)
  • Child themes and customizing your website
    • What’s a child theme? It’s a way to customize your site without worrying that a theme update will overwrite your changes. Child themes keep all of your changes in one place. They’re easy to create and they’re the best way to customize everything about your site – appearance, navigation, templates, and just about everything else. (For this course, you should have a working knowledge of HTML and CSS.)
  • Installing WordPress on your own computer (a “local install”)
    • I’ll show you how to install and run WordPress on your own computer – no one will see your site but you. Keep your site private until it’s ready to be moved to a hosting service. You won’t need to pay for hosting, and you can work on your site even when there’s no internet connection. (No code knowledge required!)

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